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The ABB, Reliance Electric, TM GE, Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley and GE brands, logos, and names are property of their respective companies.

We cut our teeth designing industrial drive and control systems. With decades of experience on
hand, we bring the knowledge of your industry and processes to every project. Furthermore, we
augment that with technical insight, professionalism and the ultimate level of craftsmanship.

Our primary focus are the web and strip handling industries of paper, paper converting, plastics,
metals, rubber and textiles. We've designed, built and commissioned everything from simple
machine PLCs or single drive sections to entire fully automated machine drive systems including
panels/cabinets, benchboards and the Operator Interfaces (MMI) to operate them.

Other specialties include, Distributed Power Retrofits (to digitize older drives at a fraction of their
replacement cost); Machine Setpoint Controllers; Roll Tracking; Weld Tracking; Winder TNT
Monitoring Systems; Slitter Automation, Core Loaders, Roll Stops, Roll Wrappers; Dip Lines,
Hot/Cold rolling mills, Bar/Rod mills and mill stands, skivers, Bailers, Loom Positioning; CFX and
Hopper Auto-feed Optimization, and various Incremental Machine Modernizations.

While we are experts with ABB. Rockwell, Allen Bradley amd Reliance Electric equipment, we
also engineer many other controllers and control/HMI software.

Check us out, ask for references, talk to our customers - we know that you'll be pleased.
Some of the products that we have in-depth experience in are:
Reliance Electric Automax, DCS5000, Automate, GV3000, SD3000, SD3000+, UDC, SA500, SA3000, SB3000, 4 Card
Allen Bradley PLC2, PLC3, PLC5
Rockwell ControlLogix, FlexLogix, CompactLogix, SLC 100 SLC 150 SLC 500 (RSLogix Family), DMD30, DMA30
ABB DCS500, DCS600, DCS800, DCR600, DCR800
Communications: ControlNet, DH-485, RS-422, DeviceNet, Data Highway Plus, EtherNet/IP, A-B Remote I/O, PROFIBUS,
Modbus, Modbus-Plus
Southeast Drive Systems, Inc.