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Southeast Drive Systems, Inc.
Reliance Electric
SDS, Inc. has more 100 combined years of experience with the Reliance Electric / Rockwell
Brands of drives, controls and motors. Most of our engineers worked for the "Systems" division
of Reliance and then Rockwell. We still provide service and engineering for their equipment and
affordable replacement parts. We also offer New Technology solutions to extend the life
of these products and to digitally connect them to more modern systems.

Just a sample of some of the Reliance Electric products that SDS has expertise with are:
Automax, DCS5000, Automate (all versions), 4-Card Set, PC 3000
UDC DPS SA500, SA3000/SA3100 AC and SD3000 DC products
FlexPak3000, FlexPak Plus, MaxPak III, MaxPak and MinPak DC Drives
GV3000, GV6000 AC Drives
GP2000, HR500, VCI and VGI AC Drives
All Analog 3-phase system drives

AUTOMAX / DCS5000 - The AUTOMAX and DCS5000 brands of drive controller have a huge
base worldwide. They continue to provide exceptional performance, but qualified Service and
replacement parts are becoming more and more difficult find. SDS is one of the very few
integrators that can still engineer systems with these controllers, service the equipment, and
offer affordable surplus parts for them. And if a controller upgrade is your desire, you will find no
one else with our expertise to do the conversion - regardless of your application. Let us help
you get the most life from your investment at the most reasonable cost, with a free evaluation
or quote.

Ethernet IP Connection / 1756-AMXN - you don't need a $$$ AMXN to connect ControlLogix
to your existing Automax system. The AMXN is a short-lived "Bridge" product, so why should
you spend $$$ when there are more affordable alternatives. Our Automax Ethernet module
converts DCS Net to Ethernet IP, and it can also be used for programming, eliminating the
need for a serial port connection.

Reliance SIGMA UPM/UOI - We offer a replacement with enhanced and expandable
functionality. More pens, higher resolution, and connectivity to additional systems with such
comm options as Ethernet IP! (And it does not require your obsolete PC-Link card to maintain
connection to your Reliance system).

We also provide training on nearly all the vintage Reliance Electric Automax systems and

If you need assistance with any Reliance Electric products or would like some fresh ideas
about affordable migration options please give us call.

John Parker, Sales Engineer 706 639-9430;