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NEW Prophecy - SIGMA Replacement
SDS can now offer a replacement for your obsolete Reliance SIGMA. Prophecy offers
enhanced perfomance, enhanced functionality and the ability to connect to systems other
than Reliance Automax/DCS5000 products than can support Ethernet IP or EGD.

Huge Success
SDS has finished another machine upgrade in south Georgia. This Savannah mill upgrade is
being touted by our global customer as the best winder startup that they have had, in any of
their mills, in over a decade. The job replaced old obsolete drives with brand new ABB
DCS800 and ACS800 drives with new AC motors, and connected to a ControlLogix controller
over fieldbus. In addition, a Prophecy monitoring and trending package was connected, giving
the customer 10ms resolution on hundreds of machine perfomance tags.

Awesome Drive Products
SDS is proud to announce our new affiliation with ABB. From certified service to AC and DC
Drive integration, SDS provides top of the line equipment, engineering, sales and service.

Proud to be FIRST
Back in 2005, SDS was selected by ABB to be the FIRST to engineer and install the NEW
ABB DCS800 drives in the USA on a demanding paper winder application. We thank ABB for
allowing us to have the honor, and for acknowledging us in the press releases for their
product titled:

New DC Drive Technology Debuts in Retrofit of Leading Southeast U.S. Paper Millís

Click and Read the Press Release Here

Read the entire Release in PDF format

Old Machines - New Life!
SDS has engineered and commissioned several multi drive applications using ABB's AC and
DC drive technology. In some cases drives were replaced with new equipment and in others
the power modules were retained and retrofited with new digital front ends. In most cases the
hardwired relay logic or older PLC/controllers were replaced with Rockwell ControlLogix or
other Logix controllers.

The SDS DCM2 Digital Front End
The digital front ends used are Pre-Engineered packages based on the ABB DC Retrofit "kit".
SDS has taken the "DCR" components, pre-mounted and wired most of them in a convenient
package that simplifies and accelerates the installation process. The end result is the
performance, ease of use and troubleshooting

Using ABB's DFE (Drive Front End) and Rockwell Automation's ControlLogix, SDS is
rebuilding the two machines from the AC input to the DC output. The project is carefully
scheduled to be implemented in phases over the course of routine short-outages to minimize
effects on production. Call SDS for details.

Automax, DCS5000 and Reliance Electric Vintage Products
SDS continues to service and upgrade vintage Reliance products such as the Automax and
DCS5000 controllers, the DPS SD3000 / SA3000 and older digital drives. We are finding
more and more users of this equipment that believe there are no options but wholesale
replacement; that is, until they talk to us. We use our many resources to keep those
perfectly good systems running and provide the customer with transitional paths that won't
break the budget.

Employment Opportunities
SDS is presently looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you are looking for a
rewarding career in contro systems, with competitive pay and superior benefits, please
continue to our Career Page.
Southeast Drive Systems, Inc.