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Our Mission
The guiding philosophy of SDS is to ensure our customers' success by
providing the utmost Excellence in Service, Sales and Engineering, and to
generate a long lasting relationship based on a spirit of mutual achievment.

We accomplish this by applying three virtues: Experience, Excellence and
Our years of industrial control experience are SDS's primary strength. The
unique set of talents brought to us by our employees lay the foundation for
our ability to bring our customers unrivaled quality of service.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers come from a variety of
industrial arenas and major automation companies. With our blend of abilities
SDS's customers are guaranteed cutting edge designs, successful
installations, and systems that are easy to operate and maintain.
It is our goal to design every project to exceed the expectations of our
customers as well as adhere to our own stringent standards on safety, detail
and ease of use. Our objective is to create designs that are so clear, concise
and well documented that our customers can confidently adjust, modify and
maintain them.
Most of our business comes from word of mouth, so it is imperative that we
satisfy our customers' expectations both technically and financially. This
does not mean that we strive for the cheapest solutions; instead we strive for
the most cost effective solutions that take into account our customers' short
and long term return on investment.
Southeast Drive Systems, Inc.